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Austria itself is a waltz between idyllic scenery and majestic palaces. Who knows, you might even learn how to dance on this InterRail trip, as you will be visiting the very dance floor of Waltz.

Taking an InterRail or a Eurail Austria journey gives you the opportunity to climb the Alps and go skiing one day and the next, pretend that you are emperors while walking through Schönbrunn Palace.

Austria is a relatively small country, with well-connected, grand cities – Vienna, Linza, Granz to name a few. Use your Eurail or your InterRail Austria Pass to hop from city to city while enjoying the fascinating landscape.

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Interrail Austria Pass – Get Yours

When speaking about rail passes, we refer either to ‘InterRail Pass’ or ‘Eurail Pass’. These are the rail passes distributed by InterRail or Eurail, which facilitate your journey within Austria.

Here are the types of rail passes you can purchase:

Austria can be seen as the heart of Europe, due to its geographical setting. There are 8 countries sharing the border of Austria – Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.

Considering this amazing opportunity, there are many people who InterRail or Eurail in Austria and embark on journeys in the surrounding countries.

The good news is that your Interrail Austria Pass is also valid in Liechtenstein! This means that you can just jump in a train and visit the 160 km² principality between Switzerland and Austria.

Eurail Austria Pass Reservations

Your journey begins with purchasing the right rail pass for you. As such, if you are a European citizen or resident, the right category of rail passes for you are the Interrail Austria Passes.

You can choose between the Interrail Austria Pass, which you can use to travel extensively within Austria, and the Interrail Global Pass, which enables you to travel throughout all 30 participating countries.

The Eurail Austria Pass, Eurail Select Pass and Eurail Global Pass are the right passes for you if you are born or living outside Europe, for example Canada or USA.

By clicking on the relevant rail pass links on this page, you will be transferred to the official Interrail and Eurail sellers, where you can explore different options and make a reservation at the lowest possible fare.

Price Reduction: Interrail Austria Pass

Thanks to our partners at Interrail and Eurail – the official rail pass vendors, we are always amongst the first ones to know about special prices. This means that when you come to us, you see the best deal there is.

Should you wish for the information to come directly to you, the solution is simple. Just drop your name and email below and each time there is a discount or a promotion available, you will be notified.

5 Great Reasons to Interrail in Austria

So what’s so great about Interrailing in Austria? We thought you’d never ask…

Famous People

Austria’s history is indeed overwhelmingly rich. There are people whose work stood the test of time and their names are still vivid in our minds. This is the home of famous composers, such as Mozart and Haydn; of famous painters like Klimt, of great novelists such as Kafka. Freud was Austrian too and this is just to mention a few.

Oh, and remember Schrödinger and his cat? Both Austrian. You might have also heard of Parov Stelar – yes, he is Austrian too.


Austria is filled with spectacular and diverse architecture. There is a blend between traditional architecture and contemporary style. The imposing palaces are now accompanied by art-deco and modern architecture. For example, the modern structure of Looshaus sits right across the former imperial palace – Hofburg. When you finally look away from the imposing St Stephen Cathedral, you face the postmodernist Haas Haus building.

Possibly the most striking structure in Austria is Kunsthaus, a modern art museum located in Graz. The locals refer to the building as the ‘Friendly Alien’, due to its peculiar shape.

Winter Sports

Austria is the land of winter sportspeople and there is no argument about this, as almost the whole country is part of the Alpine region. After having hosted the 1964 Winter Olympics, Innsbruck still makes use of the magnificent stadium. Some other famous ski resorts are Alpbach, Saalbach, St Anton and Sölden.

Oh, and don’t worry about the seasons, as you can still ski in the summer. There are resorts that are still open until June!


You better forget about any diet when going to Austria, as it is the home of sweet treats and heavenly coffee. The streets are filled with bakeries and cafés and they do not joke about their sweets. In fact, they are so serious that Café Sacher and Café Demel actually went to a cake war (legal battle) over the original Sachertorte dessert.

Other delicious treats to taste are the Kaiserschmarren, the Apfelstrudel or the Vanilla Kipferl. The Austrian cuisine is famous for producing exquisite desserts.

Amusement Parks

The Austrians sure do know how to have fun and how to spend quality time with friends and family. You can do the same on your Eurail or Interrail Austria journey. There is a wide range of amusement parks, theme parks and waterparks all over the country. There is, of course, the most famous of all – Prater Vienna.

Should you wish to enjoy the Alps while having fun, give the Alpine coaster in Imst a go, you won’t regret it. Also, the FamilyPark in St Margarethen is suitable for all ages.

With Interrail, Austria and Europe are easily accessible!

Austria is home to a number of large international airports, which means it is an easy place to begin or end your Interrail Journey.

If that is what you’d like to do, you can find the best flights via Skyscanner, using the free tool below.

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Interrail / Eurail Austria – what to do, where to go?

If you’re stuck for ideas on specific places you can visit while you are Interrailing through Austria, we’ve got 5 of the best for you right here!


The streets of Salzburg are filled with baroque architecture and music history. There are two main attractions in Salzburg: Mozart and The Sound of Music.

The place where Mozart was born is open to visitors and you can also have a taste of how people enjoyed music during the 18th century – the Salzburg Music Festival.

In case you are nostalgic about the heavenly meadow in the opening scene of The Sound of Music, there are several tours you can embark on and immerse yourself in the movie’s world.


Graz is the second largest city in Austria. It is also the to-go place in case you wish to have a taste of how a student can live in style. The city has six acclaimed universities. so the spirits are quite joyous all year round.

Graz is also one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, so there’s plenty of structures to admire. Alstadt von Graz is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight, full of well-preserved medieval and Italian-Renaissance buildings. For the cooking amateurs, there’s an interesting local product which you can take home – pumpkin seed oil. This would also make for a great souvenir, instead of the boring old keychain or fridge magnet.


The capital of Tyrol is one of the most popular winter sports destinations. You can use your Interrail or Eurail Austria Pass and enjoy the magnificent ski slopes and practice all kinds of winter sports like snowboarding or ski jumping.

By the way, if you’re dreaming about becoming a famous singer and you have a demo around, you can check out Die Bäckerei, self-described as ‘a lively platform for social and cultural exchange’. This is the place where new artists are encouraged to display their work.


It is hard to go to Austria and resist the temptation to visit Vienna.
Just so you know, Vienna is more than tasting the schnitzel or the strudel, it is more than drinking good beer or listening to classical music.

You might want to experience walking in a garden where butterflies are so brave that they actually rest on your arm. This fairytale can come true at the Schmetterlinghaus.

For those of you who wish to get the full perspective, the Jubilee Tower located in the outskirts of Vienna offers an incredible view over the city and its surrounding forests.


The Giant Ferris Wheel is of the country’s most famous symbols. The attraction is located in the Prater Amusement Park and it has been lifting up people since 1897. The famous adventure park now holds 250 attractions and is open from March to October.

Should you get there during winter, don’t worry – the Giant Ferris Wheel is open all year round. In case you feel dizzy from the roller-coaster, have no fear as there is enough green space to walk the feeling off – six million square meters, filled with lots of green spaces and beautiful scenery.

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Eurail and Interrail Austria Map

Maybe you can already hear the snow screeching under your feet or the enchanting music of Mozart. But before you plunge in, it is a great idea to have a geographical perspective on what you are about to visit.

After purchasing your Pass, you will be sent a package which will also include a map for your convenience. Until then, you can check out the vast train connections available with Interrail and Eurail in Austria.

Whether you are a control freak or you just like to hop from one city to another as you make your way through Austria, using is a great idea. This is a very helpful and user-friendly online tool which will create and suggest different itineraries based on your destination.

Interrail Austria – best places to stay

When you’re on your Interrail or Eurail Austria trip, you will need somewhere nice to lay your head. Here’s some places where you can do just that, brought to you by our readers, as well as our partners at

Reader Recommendations

We want to hear about the best places you stayed while you were on your Interrail Austria trip – bonus points if they’re a little off the beaten track! Share the love and give us a recommendation – get in touch or add yours in the comments section!

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Hostels for Interrail and Eurail Austria Travellers

Hostels are great because:

a) they are incredibly cheap, and

b) they are normally full of other people who are also travelling that you can share experiences with.

Check out some hostels and their reviews here, thanks to our partners at Hostelworld.

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Hotels for Interrail and Eurail Austria Travellers

Hotels are ideal for those who need a bit more personal space, such as couples or friends travelling together.

After a day of exploring in a foreign country, there’s nothing quite like a freshly made hotel bed.

Get a great deal on your hotels from our partners at, right here:

Recommended Interrail Austria Route

Indeed, there are so many places to visit in Austria, it is hard to decide which ones to see first. Here’s an itinerary we planned for you. You may follow it exactly or include whatever place your heart desires. Your Interrail Austria Pass is just that cool.

Vienna > Graz > Salzburg > Innsbruck

Vienna: Baroque architecture and imperial palaces are the perfect setting to enjoy some of the most delicious sweets and coffee in Europe. Book your hotel or hostel.

Graz: The second-largest city in Austria, with beautiful natural landscape dotted with red rooftops. Book your hotel or hostel.

Salzburg: Get lost on the enchanting streets of Salzburg where Mozart was born or sign up for The Sound of Music tour. Book your hotel or hostel.

Innsbruck: The main winter sports destination. It’s the ‘to-go place’ if you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or just having a walk in the Alps. Book your hotel or hostel.

Which Interrail Austria Pass Will I Need?

  • Recommended: Interrail Austria Pass
  • Travel days needed: 3 days within 1 month
  • Prices: from € 127

If you were born or are living in Europe and wish to visit more than one country during your journey, then you should purchase the Interrail Global Pass. This pass will allow you to travel in as many countries as you like during the chosen validity period.

Keep in mind that the Interrail Austria Pass is only available to you if you are a European citizen or resident.

If you are from outside Europe, the Eurail Pass is available to you. Purchasing a Eurail Select Pass allows you to travel in up to four bordering countries on a single Pass – so you could Eurail Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic during the same journey!

Eurail Austria-Switzerland Pass

Switzerland is one the most appealing destinations in Europe, due to its exquisite way of living. Sure, all you’ve heard is true – the clocks, the chocolate and and the obsessive punctuality.

  • Recommended route: Salzburg / Innsbruck / Vienna to Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Train: RailJet
  • Travel time: 5hr 24mins / 3hr 36mins / 7hr 43mins

Eurail Austria-Germany Pass

Germany is still one of the most powerful countries in the world, with a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity. Also, the country has one of the best railway networks in Europe.

  • Recommended route: Innsbruck to Munich (Germany)
  • Train: EuroCity
  • Travel time: 1hr 50mins

Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass

Explore the world-class wineries and the beautiful landscape of the Czech Republic. The well-preserved medieval castles are sure to grab your attention as well.

  • Recommended route: Vienna / Graz to Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Train: RailJet
  • Travel time: 4hrs / 6hrs 25mins


The financial capital of Europe, with great architecture, shopping, and even an inner-city forest! Book your hotel or hostel.


Museums, galleries, and incredible buildings offering fantastic views over the Rhine. Book your hotel or hostel.


History, culture, and nightlife abound. Book your hotel or hostel.


Visit the Semper Opera, an opera house, concert hall, and ballet stage, all in one. Book your hotel or hostel.


Beer, history and more beer! Book your hotel or hostel.

Interrail Austria, Eurail Austria Photo Gallery

Here are some of the best photographs people have been kind enough to share from their previous Interrail Austria trips.

If you have photos to share, we’re open to considering them for display on this page – just email us to start a conversation!

Conversely, if you see your photo here and want it taken down, just let us know.

Interrail Austria FAQ

Whichever Interrail or Eurail Austria guide you read, there will always be unanswered questions. If you feel that there is anything missing from this guide or the FAQ below, let us know in the comments or send an email!

What to bring on my Interrail Austria trip?

The official Interrail website lists the following as necessary items to bring with you on your trip:

  • First Aid kit
  • Photocopies of important documents
  • Spare credit card
  • Padlock
  • Torch
  • Driving licence
  • Money belt
  • Universal adaptor
  • Alarm clock
  • Phrase book
  • Small speakers
  • Waterproof jacket / poncho
  • Backpack rain cover
  • Plasters
  • Playing cards
  • Bottle opener
  • Hiking boots
  • Swimming goggles
  • Wet wipes
  • Resealable bags

And of course, you will need a backpack to carry everything – lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to review the best Interrail backpack options out there.

Is it safe?

Overall, Austria is a safe place to visit, thanks to its impressively low serious crime rate. However, over 25 million tourists visit Austria every year and therefore there are some instances of street crime such as pickpocketing.

Nonetheless, make sure you don’t take any unnecessary risks – try to avoid walking alone at night, particularly in cities, and keep your valuables safely stored in your bag (while keeping your bag safely on your back).

You can get more detailed advice from our Interrail safety guide. If you want to travel with complete peace of mind, and make sure you are covered in case of illness, injury, accident or theft, we recommend getting World Nomads Travel Insurance. Endorsed by Interrail and Eurail, this company prides themselves on being ‘by travellers, for travellers’, and offer extremely fair rates for their travel insurance policies.

Interrail and Eurail Austria – get your Pass today!

Austria is a country filled with rich history and magnificent landscape. It is a window to a world where people care about their wellbeing and enjoy their brilliant music, delicious food and majestic buildings.

Travelling by train is a wonderful opportunity to visit as much as possible, and it’s super convenient too! So stop making excuses and begin your Eurail or Interrail Austria journey today!

Viel glück!

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